Truffles the Kitty!

Who is Truffles?

Truffles the Kitty is an ambassador for Vision. She was born in July of 2017 as a stray cat. Truffles found her forever home in the most interesting of places, an optical shop, so she’s an office cat! The Crull family adopted Truffles as a feisty little furball in October of 2017. Even at just a few months of age, Truffles already proved to be something special. She learned how to sit and give high fives by the time she was 4 months old.

At about 6 months of age, Danielle (Truffles’ Human Mommy) wondered if Truffles would wear glasses for her as a “trick” and that was the beginning!

Danielle got one of her tiny premie frames and adjusted the fit so Truffles would be comfortable and began teaching the little kitty how to wear them. After a while, whenever little children came into the optical shop, Danielle would call Truffles out to demonstrate how to wear glasses. Danielle was so surprised to find that this little act of wearing glasses put the children at ease and helped facilitate the fitting process. As an added bonus, Truffles seemed to build children’s self esteem about their own eyeglass wearing!

This began Truffles’ unofficial employment at A Child’s Eyes.  Truffles made a series of videos teaching children about what an eye exam is like, where to put your glasses when you’re not wearing them and things like wearing the proper glasses for outside! Truffles is such a good kitty she also permitted Danielle to put an eyepatch on her glasses to help children who are suffering from Amblyopia, a fairly common childhood eye condition which affects 2-3 out of every 100 children.  It often requires occlusion therapy in the form of wearing an eyepatch for up to (6) hours a day. Again, Danielle was happy to see that so many children were excited and encouraged by Truffles wearing her own eyepatch for a minute or two!

In another surprise for Danielle, Truffles herself also seems to really enjoy wearing her frames, which don’t have lenses in them.  She will actually wave down Danielle to get her to put one of her (sixteen) pairs and will wear them for an hour or more.  Many times Danielle has caught Truffles asleep on a chair with her glasses still on.

Truffles is voted Employee-of-the-month every month at A Child’s Eyes and is loved and cherished not only by Danielle and her coworkers, but by everyone who comes into the store. Truffles is now world-famous as her facebook videos, special online features and instagram videos have warmed the heart of millions all around the world! Truffles is so happy that she can reach so many children with her message of love, acceptance and fashionable eyewear!

Follow Truffles on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This is an exciting year for a Feline looking to spread awareness about vision 20/20!